Handles – Start with the Basics

Learn more about the anatomy of handles and how to select the right part for your faucet. This tool breaks down Handles with part views, tips and “How To’s”


  • Problem
  • Worn out handles or update look
  • Water drips from faucet spout
  • Water leaks from handle base
  • Replacement Parts
  • Universal Handles
  • Stem or Cartridge
  • O-Ring

Start with the Basics-Tips:

  • After the water has been shut-off underneath the sink, twist handle to the “on” position to release additional water from the faucet and back to the “off” position before replacing handle.
  • As you are taking apart the handle, lay the parts in the order that you removed then and take a picture. This will help with reassembly.
  • Place a strainer, stopper or paper towel at the bottom of the sink to clog the drain and prevent nuts and bolts from going down the drain.